Bedazzle U Designs – Starting and completing your design

For custom templates, I require ½ the payment to start and ½ upon completion. I will not release the code or files till it’s paid in full.

For Pre-made templates, I now require full payment up front.


When I give you date that I can start your project, this is provided you have sent me everything needed for it. (Payment, photos, button links, text etc)

If I have another one lined up and you delay sending me the info I need, this will cause your design to be delayed as well. 


Please make sure you read and understand the following before I start your project.

1. To start a custom project, I will need at least 10, large and unedited pics in different poses. The project may require more or less as needed. Please make sure you give me the ones you absolutely want in the design. I can make an area for a couple of pics to be traded out by you but most are a permanent part of the design.

2. I will need your flirt name and a tagline if you have one.

3. I will need the codes/links to all the buttons you want on the listing.

4. I will need your text/bio. I do not write those.

5. Last, please give me a good idea of what you are wanting if it is a custom project.
Example- I want Pink, black, princess, sparkles, no flowers, lots of crowns, animation etc.
NOT – Example- Something pink maybe
This helps me to quote the project and be able to create a design you will love!

If you see a listing you like on Niteflirt and want me to copy it, I will not do that. I can use it as an example of the type of design you are looking for but that is all.

After I personalize/create the template for you I will send you a draft for your approval and then we can make changes as needed. I WILL NOT offer refunds but I offer a 3 day period for you to suggest minor changes without an additional fee. Major template changes will include a fee or full price of a new template depending on what is involved.

If I complete your custom template and you decide you want something completely different than what we originally discussed, you will be charged as a new project and you will forfeit the original down payment for time spent on the first one.

If I complete the pre-made template you chose and you want to switch to a different pre-made template there will be an additional 25.00 fee added to the price, to cover the time I spent on the first one.

*Any and all information you give me is private and will never be discussed or shared with anyone

Additional Fees:
Animation (unless already included)  20.00 this includes buttons, text, etc. This includes pre-made and custom. 

A Video to gif is an additional price and they are 15.00 each.


Word press and twitter headers to match your listing design: 15.00 each. This must be asked for when I start or during your project for this price.  This includes both premade and custom designs. They are more if asked for separately.


When I do a custom template, I am starting from scratch. I am putting together a design to fit you specifically. Custom templates require most of the day to complete as I may have to make changes etc. until it’s how you want it.

Pre-made templates are already designed and ready to add photos etc, the theme and design are already there. Also, I run sales from time to time on the pre-made.

Upon Completion, you will receive a copy of the files used in your completed, template design … I do not release the original design files, whether I use PhotoShop, Corel or another design program. I do keep those files for 8 months to 1 year in case of any editing etc.


Due to getting several requests for templates and then never hearing back, I am only able to reserve a template for 7 days. After that, it goes back for sale.

Other Custom Work:

Website headers and graphics, goody bag graphics, custom button sets, banners, business card designs etc. Prices are individually quoted